DIY Worm Compost Bin

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on DIY Vermicompost  Bins.

If you’re looking for how to make compost bins DIY style in your own backyard, this is the post for you.

This guide covers all sorts of different compost bins. Most of them you can make at home. Include compost bins homemade.

After composting for a while, you tend to get lots of ideas for compost bins ideas as you’re doing it or randomly in the shower. Many of these ideas are in this post as well as all of the other ideas I’ve come across from other DIY composters.

After reading this compost DIY guide and start making your own compost bins, DIY style, you’ll find that building compost bins is fun.

DIY Vermicompost Bins

Many of us homesteaders naturally become composter DIY experts. Do it yourself is a big part of daily life as a homesteader, learning and developing DIY composting skills is essential.

DIY compost bins are one of the easier homestead projects that you could do. At the same time, they are some of the most valuable items in your homestead. Which is why I wanted to make this post for you of these DIY compost bin ideas.

Below is the ultimate homesteading projects list of  DIY Compost bin plans and ideas. Without a doubt, you’ll get plenty of easy homemade composting bin ideas. There are dozens of different kinds in all shapes, sizes, and specific purposes. Pick one that works for. your specific needs and you can get the DIY project done in an afternoon.

Happy Worm Farmin.

DIY Wormfarm on a Budget

diy worm bin on a budget

You can also start with a very minimal budget. You can start your worm farm on a budget even in your spare time.

DIY Worm Bin

Here is your standard DIY worm composting bin you can make yourself.

DIY Vermicompost Bin

DIY Indoor Worm Compost Bin

The tutorial here will show you exactly how to make it, step by step.

Three-Tiered Worm Compost Bin

Three-Tiered Worm Compost Bin

What’s better than a single bin worm compost? A three-bin compost. Also known as a  3-tier worm compost bin. Here is one of our three-bin compost plans that you can make DIY style.

DIY Plastic Bucket Worm Bin

DIY Plastic Bucket Worm Bin

Here’s how to make this easy compost bin from plastic buckets.

DIY 18-Gallon Compost Worm Bin

DIY 18-gallon Compost Worm Bin

Here’s the tutorial video on how to make an 18-gallon worm composting bin.

DIY Mini Worm Compost Bins

Mini Worm-Composting Bins

These mini worm-composting bins are perfect projects for kids to sharpen their DIY skills with. I’ve always said that the younger a person can start learning self-reliance and the importance of developing these types of skills, the better and more successful they will become.

DIY Homemade Worm Compost Bin

DIY Homemade Worm Compost Bin

Since it’s indoors, you don’t want to be messier than you have to be. This one is one of the best homemade worm composters you can do at home.

2-Bucket Worm Composter

Go to this video and watch how to make a DIY two-bucket worm composting bin.

DIY Indoor Worm Compost Bin

DIY Indoor Worm Compost Bin

Make a DIY indoor worm composting bin and stay out of the rain.

Old Refrigerator Worm Composting Bin

diy old refrigerator worm compost bin

Take your old refrigerator and make a refrigerator worm composting bin.

What better use could you get out of a broken refrigerator?

Cardboard Box Worm Farm

diy Cardboard Box Worm Farm

Here’s how to make a simple and easy cardboard box worm compost bin.

DIY Earthworm Compost Bin

See this guide on how to make a DIY Earthworm Compost Bin.


Composting is a great way to recycle. It’s good not just for you, but for the environment. I always say if you can DIY, skip the store and put the money back in your pocket.

Pick one or two of these DIY projects and make your own worm composting bin.

Have you ever made your own DIY Vermicompost bin?

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